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Company Overview

BlueHills Capital Projects (Pty) Limited is an infrastructure and capital projects firm that specializes in the development of water, renewable energy, transport and ICT infrastructure projects. Strong project fundamentals and an understanding of how a project fits within a portfolio of opportunities

provide the team commitment and clarity needed to both secure the resources required to develop infrastructure and capital projects and to persevere through the process.


To be the most efficient, economic and effective catalyst in unlocking Africa’s broad-based economic growth through the delivery of affordable and sustainable capital and infrastructure projects.


To fulfil our vision we shall dedicate our resources to assist our clients in both the public and private sector to plan, fund, manage and deliver large scale capital and infrastructure projects in Africa. We will achieve this by:

Values Statement

The following are the core ethical values that the company regards as non-negotiable. They form the foundation for a set of corporate ethical standards, commitment and the organisation's approach to corporate responsibility.

Value proposition

We develop viable and deliver credible infrastructure and capital projects within time, budgets and client specifications on behalf of the public and private sector.

Our Services

Customer satisfaction is assured with guaranteed quality and quick service response times. The company strives to provide services that its customers value, including just-in-time and cost effective delivery of energy related infrastructure, capital projects, products and solutions.

In addition, the company is an ardent proponent for extensive customer involvement in its decision-making processes.

Project fundamentals

Strong project fundamentals and an understanding of how a project fits within a portfolio of opportunities provide the team commitment and clarity needed to both secure the resources required to develop a renewable

energy project and to persevere through the process. Properly establishing the following project fundamental elements will result in decisions to move the project forward or not. The five elements of project fundamentals are:

Project development

Once strong project fundamentals have been defined for a infrastructure and capital project, the next step is project development. The seven elements to organize and evaluate the risks

and investment decisions required in the project development phase include:

Company Philosophy

Operating with integrity is fundamental to BlueHills Capital Projects’ philosophy.

We are committed to conducting all aspects of our business with honesty and integrity.

Capabilities & Focus Sectors

Focus Sectors

In order to enhance its in-house capabilities, BlueHills Capital Projects maintains strong working relationships with a number of international associate companies and individual experts that can provide appropriately

qualified external experience where this delivers benefits to the client. The asset class space that BlueHills Capital Projects participates in are as follows:


Water Infrastructure

Social Infrastructure



Sustainable Urban Development

Wind turbines • Human waste to energy • Ground mounted PV Solar farms • Biomass, Solid waste to energy • Bio diesel • Bio Jet-fuel.

Water & wastewater treatment • pumps stations • Water desalination

Healthcare facilities • Education • Social housing

Bi-Facial PV Solar panels/modules (French Technology)

Airports • Bridges • Highways • Pipelines • Ports • Railroads – High speed rail • Tolls and Tunnel

Multi-Purpose facilities • Real estate and green Buildings


Our Strategic Partners

Generally, we have established various forms of business relations with credible and trustworthy strategic partners where we share; ownership of entities, managerial competencies, financial and operational capacity and synergies on various business deals and projects. Specifically, we have forged a strong consortium of technical and technology, funding and lead generation companies to enhance our internal capabilities.

In order to enhance its in-house capabilities, BlueHills Capital Projects maintains other strong working relationships with a number of international associate companies and individual experts that can provide appropriately qualified external experience where this delivers benefits to the client.

Technical and technology partners
Funding partners

Corporate Responsibility

At BlueHills Capital Projects we have incorporated good corporate citizenship into our culture. As a social enterprise our mission combines revenue growth and profitmaking with the need to respect and support our environment and stakeholder network. We shoulder our responsibility to be a good citizen (both inside and outside the organisation)

serving as a role model for our peers and promoting a high degree of collaboration at every level of the organisation. . This includes protecting the environment, our people and human rights, making donations, encouraging our employees to volunteer, preserving the environment, supporting the community and actively investing in learning.

Our Team

The team at BlueHills Capital Projects consists of a collection of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, financial managers and project managers. We utilize our expertise, relationships and out-of-the box thinking to provide our clients with the most cost-efficient & sustainable project management solutions. We are dedicated to staying within budget, on schedule, according to client specifications and to exceed the expectations of our clients. The core management team of BlueHills Capital Projects includes several executives with thriving backgrounds and have over 50 years

combined experience at different managerial levels in various industries, including transport and logistics, finance sector, electrical engineering, energy, real estate, market research, information and communication technology, banking sector, accounting and tax, human capital management and experience in start-up businesses:

Guy Ngosi
Executive Director

Guy is the current Managing Director of BlueHills Capital Projects and holds directorships in the various BlueHills companies. He is a registered business accounting professional with over 25 years of experience in accounting and financial management. He has worked for the National Sports Council, South African Sports Commission and the Accounting Standards Board. Guy is the also the current Group Chief Executive Officer of the BlueHills Group. He has a diploma in Entrepreneurship Development Programme (Mini MBA)-University of Pretoria, Entrepreneurship Course (Mini MBA)-Wits Business School, a Certificate in Theory of Accounting and an ACCA (UK) Advanced Accounting Certificate both from Rand Afrikaans University (RAU) and Diplomate Accountant obtained in 1999.

Kennedy Murire
Executive Director

Kennedy is the current Director responsible for Strategic Partnerships and holds directorships in the various BlueHills companies. He is a professional management consultant and researcher with extensive work experience in South Africa. Having graduated and worked as high school teacher for four years, he was recruited by Product Development Laboratories (PDL) and later by Gateways Business Consultancy where he received extensive training in quantitative and qualitative methodologies. While at Gateways, he started developing diagnostic tools for various studies. Kennedy is the Group Chairperson of the BlueHills Group. He has a Master in Business Administration from Business School Nederland and over 20 years work experience.

Mziyanda Nkwenkwezi
Director Engineering Services

Mziyanda is a qualified senior engineer with 19 years employment experience in petrochemical, pulp and paper, mineral processing (acid and fertilizer) and power generation (including nuclear power generation) and sea water desalination industries. He has worked for companies such as Chevron, SAPPI, FOSKOR, Eskom and Saline Water Conversion Corporation (Saudi Arabia). He holds quality management and chemical engineering diplomas from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Absalom “Scara” Thindwa

His illustrious soccer career has branded him as a legend. In the late seventies his soccer skills and his free goal scoring prowess lifted him from otherwise an ordinary club, Mbulembu Young Aces (Swaziland), from obscurity to prominence. In 1983 he captained and coached this team to the top, winning titles and representing Swaziland in the CAF KNOCK-OUT soccer tournament for that season. He has played for Kaizer Chiefs FC in South Africa and had a stint as a coach at Wits University FC and as a talent scout at Mamelodi Sundowns. He is a founding director of the Scara Thindwa Soccer Foundation based in Swaziland, which he founded in 2009. This organisation’s mandate is to identify and nurture young boys towards being professional players, young boys who will be empowered to support themselves and their families through football. He is also a shareholder and financial planner at Oracle Brokers. Oracle Brokers is an insurance broking company based in Johannesburg.

Moeti Monnahela
Electrical Engineer

Moeti is BCP's Electrical Engineer. Mr. Monnahela has extensive experience with innovative technologies in electrical power and water desalination and electrical power utility at SWCC Saline Water (Saudi Arabia) and ESKOM – Medupi Power Station respectively. He has also held a quality test technician position with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) – NETFA amongst other positions. His accomplishments include initiation and modification of the engineering of power plants and elimination and mitigation of commissioning plant problems.
Moeti is a seasoned project manager with over 12 years work experience of amongst others, providing specialist engineering advice and assistance to maintenance engineers and technicians. A creative problem solver who was part of the project team that commissioned and operated the Medupi Power Plant including electrical parts of boilers, turbines, generators, Low and Medium Voltage switchgears and transformers .

Yonwaba Sinuka
Mechanical Engineer

He is a Mechanical Engineer with a completed Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, registered with ECSA as a Professional Engineering Technologist (ECSA Ref no.3006919). He is registered with Potchefstroom College GCC to study GCC Plant Engineering (Factories), and currently studying towards Electrical Engineering
Diploma with Taal Net Technical Collage. He is currently working as a Depot Engineering Manager at Transnet Fright Rail, He appreciates to be in a challenging and rewarding position in a quality oriented company offering career growth, which allows me to utilize and enhance his sound technical, analytical, communication skills and that provides growth avenues in management, finance and leadership.
He is dedicated in all projects, very open to acquire new knowledge and optimistically carry out tasks. Through his involvement on projects he has developed sound communication and interpersonal skills. In addition, he can manage criticism well. He regards himself as a hardworking, reliable and responsible individual.

Ongeziwe Magqo
Civil Engineer

Mr Ongeziwe Magqo is a certified civil engineer with 8 years experience as a technologist. He obtained a certificate in Thought Leadership for Africa’s renewal. Ongeziwe holds a Btech Degree in Urban Civil Engineering and a national diploma in civil engineering with Nelson Mandela University. He is currently pursuing an MSC Project Management course at Nelson Mandela University.
He is a self-motivated, confident and well organised worker and able to cope under pressure and is happy to work on a wide variety of tasks within deadlines. Ongeziwe has very high communication and listening skills and has the ability to multitask and set work breakdown structure priorities.
His experience includes working as a Junior Civil Engineering Technician with GIBB (Pty) Limited and SJW Civils CC where he supervised, monitored and surveyed sites, conducted materials testing and administered contracts. His achievements include procurement and documentation (including tenders and their evaluation), material investigation, concept design reporting. Ongeziwe also conducted detailed geometric designs, measured and prepared payment certificates for contracts valued above R198 million.

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